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Casting Metal Figures: A Beginner's Guide
to Making and Using Rubber Molds

by R. B. Windle

Copyright 1989

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In the beginning………….

A lot has happened since 1982 when I attended my first "make your own miniatures" seminar at Origins '82 in Baltimore, MD. I believe it was called "Rolling Your Own", and I can't remember who presented it, but he has my everlasting gratitude (if you read this, drop me a line!).

Most of the text and images are in their original form as the booklet has not been completely revised. Yet. It may never be officially (i.e. "finally") revised. This will be a "living" document. The basic casting techniques hold true, although some of the specific information (product names, prices) are out of date. My intention is to experiment with this document, and revise and update it as time and need permit. I definitely plan to add a section on casting with plastic resin.

The date this was first uploaded was _5/29/97 . As individual sections are updated, the date will appear after the section title.

Comments, criticism, and suggestions are always welcome. Submit them to:   jandrw@excite.com

Table of Contents




Safety Precautions


The Model


RTV Silicone Rubber


The Two Part Mold


Silicone Sealant / Plaster-of-Paris Mold


Two Part RTV Silicone Mold


Casting Equipment and Metal




References and Product Sources (7-24-99)

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