Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards what can be a very rewarding hobby. Perhaps you have researched some obscure army unit and want to model it but find that no major manufacturer has felt it profitable to produce it. Then again, maybe your interests lie in science fiction or fantasy. The choices available there may not be to your liking. of course you may just want to try your hand at creating your favorite unit no matter how many available lines there are!

This booklet is for you who fit in any or all of the above categories or are just curious to see if you can cast your own miniatures. The techniques presented are not only useful to wargamers but to anyone involved in creating miniature "worlds" whether they are model railroad layouts or dioramas. It is an adult pastime-for the die-hard do-it-yourselfer. With a small investment in materials, patience, and effort you can make good-looking castings from your own designs. They may not be on par with top-of-the-line figures; you need centrifugal casting equipment for that. After gaining experience and skill, you can equal many of those commercially produced.

This booklet is the culmination of a lot of trial-and-error. With just a few references to go on, a set of easy-to-use instructions for beginning casting has resulted. Use these as guidelines. Through your own trial and error you may come up with variations that work as well. Each piece you attempt to cast presents new challenges as no two ever cast exactly the same.

To make the best use of this booklet, read all of it at least once before trying to make a mold. Before you proceed to make one, a word of caution! I cannot urge you strongly enough to make your first few mold attempts of items that are expendable. A few weeks of experimentation will be time well spent. It might seem like a waste of effort but the first time silicone sealant or RTV rubber adheres to a prized figure you will wish you had refined your technique! Again, start with test pieces and make certain you are doing it right.

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